“Mamba” Coming Soon to Canada`s Wonderland?

Cedar Fair recently trademarked “Mamba” in Canada, and now here comes the big question; what is it for? mamba07

Mamba, being a type of snake, is a good name for a ride. Cedar Fair is already using the name “Mamba” at Worlds of Fun, as it’s the name given to their mega coaster.

Seeing as the park just built the $28 million dollar Leviathan giga coaster, many don’t expect to see a major investment for 2013. After all, this trademark was made about a month into the off-season. But lets see what I, and many other enthusiasts think the trademark will be used for;

gatekeeper The Next BIG Coaster

Yes, the speculation never ends, everyone’s hoping this is leading up to CW’s next big coaster, which many are hoping will be a B&M wing coaster ala Gatekeeper. But, with Cedar Fair’s new CEO being all for family rides, this just seems unlikely. As much as I would love to see a good coaster with sick inversions come to a park where our big ticket rides with inversions are all clones, I can’t see this happening for a few years.

A Water Ride 6924054170_c1071bd1a5

If anything this is what many enthusiasts hope and think it will be. Splash Works hasn’t seen an expansion in about a decade, and an EPIC water coaster by Proslide would be an excellent way for corperate to say “we care.” Seeing the success of these rides at Holiday World, with more being built now, plus with local water parks being quite lacking, (Toronto doesn’t even have a Tornado, that’s saying something,) a water coaster would do wonders for Splash Works, and might actually convince me to visit the water park next season.

0139A Flat Ride

Canada’s Wonderland already has a top notch collection of flat rides, (although we’ve had our share of maintenance issues. Yes, we’re looking at your Sledge Hammer and Windseeker.) Seeing as the last ride cycle was big coaster, nothing, kids area, flat ride, this trademark might be for an upcoming flat ride. Personally, I think Mamba seems more sutied for the other two ideas, but you never, know. When do Cedar Fair and Six Flags ride names actually make sense?

In the end, who really knows what the trademark is for, maybe they’re going to re-theme a ride, like The Bat or Flight Deck, as odd as it sounds, I can see it. Just like I can see new trains on both of them, making them at least tolerable. Now that would be a great Christmas gift from the park. Personally, not knowing is kind of fun. Just about everything major for next season was leaked before the announcement, and it’s fun to guess what we’re going to get.

Wildebeest/Mammoth Picture by Holiday World 


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