Timberliners and an Inversion Coming to Hades 360

Yes, you read that title right, Mt. Olympus and the Gravity Group has teamed up to do something incredibly amazing to the already popular Hades wooden roller coaster, and I’m amazed we didn’t see this coming.

Hades 360 will be a unique technological marvel integrating the underground uniqueness of Hades and adding a 360 degree upside down loop and a 135 degree over-banked turn. Plus Hades 360 will also be equipped with a new state of the art rollercoaster train, giving riders the feel of riding on a steel coaster.

Hades 360 Press Release

In 2013, Hades will open with new, Timberliner trains, as well as an epic new inversion. A zero-g roll like inversion will be constructed, as well as an over-banked turn, in place of the existing turnaround.


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