Holiday World’s “Cool” Plans for 2013

Holiday World is going full steam ahead for 2013 and beyond, with the park announcing some great new plans for next year, and the promise of further expansion of both parks for years to come.

The Koch family says they based their expansion based on guest reactions throughout this season, crowd patterns, and the fact that summer, was ridiculously hot.

The highlight of the announcement, is Splashin’ Safari’s new slide tower, RhinoBlaster, presumably being built by long-time park ally ProSlide. Not only does it feature 3 double tube slides but a Tornado Wave, like the one recently installed at Aquatica San Antonio. It’s becoming more and more evident that the Koch family takes great pride in their waterpark, and insuring it’s always on top of the latest slides.

Based on the views by the park’s construction camera, we’re looking at seeing this being build in the north-east corner of the park, on the other side of the Voyage.

The park has also said that they will be renaming Pilgrims Plunge to Giraffica, in order to better smooth it’s “move” to be included in Splashin’ Safari. Yes that’s right, they’re pulling a Disney here, like when they “moved” the Matterhorn from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland. Overall, I think it’s a good fit, but sort of hurts to me that they’re taking it away from Thanksgiving.

Other new elements for next year include a new entrance to Splashin’ Safari, new misters fans and shade, and a teacup ride called Kitty’s Tea Party for Holidog’s FunTown.

I’ve got to hand it to the Koch family, even though they couldn’t manage to reopen Kentucky Kingdom, they are still going strong with Holiday World, and the fact that they manage to keep things secret from us, and continually add new attractions year after year? Plus, rumour has it the Koch family has a monumental expansion that will go down for 2014. Holiday World is definitely a park to keep our eye on.


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