Behind the Scenes; Insane Coaster Wars Filming Trip Report

It’s October, and it’s nearing the end of the amusement park season. But surprisingly, for the popular Travel Channel tv show Insane Coaster Wars, things are just getting started! As the show’s been renewed for a second season, the show needs to get all of it’s footage from seasonal parks, before they close for the winter. I was there to participate in the morning shoot on Leviathan, little did I know, I was in for quite an awesome day. The shoot started bright and early, with participants arriving at the park at 7am. After all the legal stuff, we headed out for an hour of filming on Leviathan. Seeing as we entered from a backstage gate, we got some nice views of Leviathan. Skip to the end for more backstage photos. The show had set up a little booth, with the altered logo. The new season features coasters around the world, (as made obvious by the inclusion of Leviathan.) There were a lot of cameras in use, there were at least 5 mounted on the train, with 2 more in the station. And we’re off! Keep in mind it was VERY cold, and with 150km/h+ winds hitting you, it was a smart decision for riders to bundle up. Now that’s what ERT SHOULD be! After about an hour of freezing cold film shooting, the crew let us loose into the park. Our first stop? The nearby drop tower, creatively named Drop Tower. After we’d had our share of Medieval Fair attractions, we headed to the park’s hub; International Festival, where I snagged some nice photos I needed for my personal library. Plus, we all got our much needed rides on Vortex. Windseeker was still down, due to the previous mechanical failures on identical rides, read more here: Windseekers Temporarily Down At All Cedar Fair Parks The stretch of path, around Windseeker, has some of the best photo opportunities in the park. Tell me, was this not great timing? Even when it’s down, Windseeker is still ultra photogenic. But, although Windseeker was down, Sledgehammer was finally running! That’s a ride I’ve been trying to get onto for 2 years! (Did it even operate last season?) Next up, MOTH the ride! Oh right, I meant Behemoth. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even though it’s only 5 years old, it feels like it’s wheels are bouncing a bit, and I don’t know if it’s just because I got so much time on Leviathan, but I noticed it pulls up into airtime hills at a steeper angle, where as Leviathan is more fluid. Can you spot the difference? And now for some photos of our enterprise, Orbiter. Lets see, starting easy…. A little higher now…… Almost there……. And… all the way up! Before heading towards the exit, we grabbed a ride on Minebuster, (my personal favourite wooden coaster in the park.) It’s Fall, so therefore you are automatically obliged to take a photo of leaves changing colour; Then we headed back to Leviathan, as I hoped to interview some crew from the morning’s shoot, as they said they’d stay by the booth, but, I turned up just as they were heading in for their lunch break, (just my luck.) But, things took a turn for the better, as we met up with a park PR rep, who offered to take us backstage, to where we’d parked. I asked him about the park’s relationship with B&M, and of course if we’d be seeing another one soon, (I’m guessing around 2015-2016.) He also said there is little to no hope of us seeing an Intamin out here any time soon. (Sorry Intamin fanboys.) But, after he realized I was an enthusiast, he offered to take us into Dragon Fire’s infield to get up close with Dragon Fire, and more prominently, Leviathan! I would publicly like to thank the public relations rep we met with, for giving us the tour backstage. This is one of those, above and beyond moments that enthusiasts like me treasure! Remember, this was only because I was part of the morning shoot, and he was out in the park at the time, and we were parked there. Please, do not nag employees for a backstage tour! That will be all for today. Be sure to LIKE us, FOLLOW us, and all that stuff, and a huge shout-out to all the enthusiasts that braved the cold weather and winds this morning for the film shoot, WE HAD A BLAST!


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