World’s Largest Planet Snoopy Coming to Kings Dominion in 2013

Remember that teaser from like a month ago? The one that stated that the park would be breaking records next season with a spaceship and planets in the background? The one that got everyone riled up about some huge 500ft coaster coming to the park? Yeah, not quite a record breaking coaster, more like a record breaking Planet Snoopy.

That’s right, 2010 was all about thrills, 2013’s all about kids. Kings Dominion is expanding it’s Planet Snoopy, taking over some of KidZville. Construction is set to begin after the park’s Halloween Haunt event is over.

Planet Snoopy will boast at least 12 new and re-themed attractions based on one of the most beloved comic strip characters. The attractions, designed for families to ride together, include an opportunity for a family to take to the skies in a balloon ride, twirl around in classic tea cups with a new twist and hop aboard a PEANUTSTM– themed railway. When the expansion is complete, Planet Snoopy will span nearly 14-acres.

In addition to the new family rides, Planet Snoopy will also feature:

  • A new iconic entrance fountain
  • Two live shows featuring family-friendly entertainment
  • Additional daily meet-and-greet opportunities with the PEANUTSTM characters including Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and, of course the world’s most popular Beagle – Snoopy
  • A newly expanded 1,100 square-foot family care facility equipped with changing stations, feeding rooms and nap areas
  • An open air marketplace featuring fresh fruit and food


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