Six Flags Magic Mountain 18th Roller Coaster; Full Throttle

Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced that next spring, they will be opening their 18th roller coaster, Full Throttle.

What many enthusiasts have already nick-named as “Yolo The Ride,” (due to the introduction in the announcement video,) will be a multi-launch coaster by Premier, the company responsible for launched coasters like Mr Freeze: Reverse Blast, and the newly constructed Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

The ride features a bunch of unique elements, such as it’s massive, (actually world’s tallest,) 160ft tall vertical loop. Then, after going over the Superman: Escape from Krypton entrance plaza, you go through a dive loop and end up stopped in the old monorail tunnel. Here’s where things get interesting, the ride launches you for a second time, backwards shuttle-style up the dive loop.

Then, as you head back down the dive loop forwards into the tunnel, you’re accelerated back up to top speed in the third launch of the ride. After that, you do what I think is the coolest element ever done on a coaster, you go over a section of double spined track, one spine, (the inside,) is for the loop, and the outside spine is for the one-of-a-kind “top hat” element.

All things considered, this thing makes Revolution look pathetic! The huge loop, the multiple launches! This really takes Six Flags Magic Mountain over the top!

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