Coming to Six Flags Parks in 2013

Last year Six Flags delivered on it’s promise to put in something new at every park, ever year. And, for the 2013 season, they’re doing it all over again!

Six Flags Magic Mountain 

This is probably the most rumoured coaster this season, after rumours started back at West Coast Bash, rumours swirled over the features of this coaster, but now, we know exactly what we’re getting; an epic multi-launch coaster from Premier, featuring a wicked new 160ft tall loop, with track on the inside, and the outside! I really have to get back out to LA to ride Full Throttle!

Six Flags Great Adventure 

The park recently announced that this will be the last season where families can drive through the safari section of the park. But, that’s only because for next season, they’re turning it into a safari attraction, that will be connected to the theme park, in turn, making this adjoined park the largest theme park in the world! Similar to Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Great Adventure’s new Safari Off Road Adventure, features safari trucks, a base storyline, and interactions with 1200 animals!

Six Flags Great America

In a surprising twist, Six Flags Great America will not open a new ride next year, but a new night-time spectacular similar to Cedar Point’s Luminosity, SFGAm’s show will be called igNIGHT. Based on the title, I’m going to be really madif the park ends up cheaping out on pyro!

Six Flags Over Georgia 

A while back, SFOG set up a teaser site showing flickering images, that were later revealed to be a set of Sky Screamer images. Well, a Sky Screamer it is. Sitting a height of 242ft, it’s the tallest ride in park, this SkyScreamer is the same height as the one at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Six Flags Over Texas 

It’s been known for a little while now that Flashback and Texas Chute Out were to be removed towards the end of the current season, (Flashback will be reincarnated as Boomerang at SFSL,) but something that we’ve never quite been sure of it what was to replace it. Well, it’s now official that, like Six Flags Over Georgia, the park will receive the popular tower swing ride, Sky Screamer. But with a twist! The ride will be called the Texas Sky Screamer, and it will tower at a staggering 400ft! Effectively claiming the title of the world’s tallest tower swing ride!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas 

On August 5th, Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ prized wooden coaster gave it’s last rides, and has been shut down. We have seen some demolition work on the ride, but that doesn’t mean that the Rattler is gone. Since the Texas Giant at SFOT was given the Rocky Mountain Construction “Iron Horse” treatment, rumours immediately spread guessing which coasters would be next for this rehab, and the Rattler seemed like a prime candidate. We are now very pleased to hear that the Rattler will become Iron Rattler next season, after going under a hybrid Iron Horse treatment. The drop will return to the original full drop down, and it will feature, yes, you guessed it, a zero-g roll!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 

Following last years successful opening of Superman Ultimate Flight, comes a great new show; Cirque Dreams Splashtastic. The show will feature acrobats, aerialists, and of course dolphins. The new show will take the stage at the Dolphin Harbour Theatre next year.

Six Flags St. Louis 

The park’s 2013 offerings consist of the relocated boomerang from Six Flags Over Texas, appropriately named, Boomerang. We’re not sure if this ride rotation will feature new trains, but other than a new paint job and name, nothing much is changing from the original ride.

The Great Escape 

This park will be building a new family ride; Screamin’ Eagles. Sort of like a turbo charged Dumbo, riders swing around in a circle, gaining speed, and then they can control their flight by pivoting the front panel, so they can glide through the air, or swerve side to side!

Coming Soon: Six Flags 2013 Water Slides

Check out the official announcement video, detailing all things Six Flags for the next year. For more info, check out the Six Flags New for 2013 website

Look for seperate posts detailing individual attractions to be posted through the coming week.

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