Where roller coasters come from

Now, if you’re reading this post, there’s no doubt you love roller coasters. But, have you ever stopped to think, “Where did this ride come from?” No, I don’t mean a factory, I mean countries where the manufacturer if based in. Have you ever noticed how different the American rides are from the German ones? Or how lots of water slides come from Canada? (We’ll save that for another post)

Here’s a quick rundown of where major roller coaster manufacturers are based:


  • Gerstlauer
  • Mack Rides
  • Maurer Sohne
  • Zierer

Something I noticed, is that the German rides trend to the smaller side, compared to the Swiss who make some of today’s tallest, fastest, and overall best rides. Don’t get me wrong, rides by these manufacturers aren’t bad, but I just think that they didn’t catch on on such a grand scale as other manufacturers did in North America.


  • Bolliger and Mabillard
  • Intamin

That’s right, the biggest, tallest, fastest coasters in the world, come from Switzerland. In fact, if it weren’t for the Swiss continually pushing coasters, and creating amazing new designs, I probably wouldn’t like coasters that much.

United States of America: 

  • Gravity Group
  • GCI
  • Premier
  • S&S
  • RMC

The US has a bit of an odd mix. GCI and Gravity Group are some of today’s top wooden coaster manufacturers. Meanwhile S&S and Premier are known for their steel coasters, and RMC? Well, at such an early stage, who really knows what they’re up to!


  • Vekoma

Vekoma, a manufacturer that has a poor history of rough rides, is the main coaster maker from the Netherlands. However, Vekoma has unveiled some new train and coaster designs that look surprisingly cool, what would be really good is some North American parks bought some……


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