More Theme Park Pet Peeves

The original Theme Park Pet Peeves post was so popular, I decided to make it an on-going series of posts. Take a look at 3 more, of my big theme park pet peeves;

  • Bad employees

Face the facts, a park’s employees can make or break a good day at any theme park, (or amusement park.) But bad employees, be it in custodial, vending, ride operation, management, or any other job at a park, it’s expected that they do their job well, with a smile on their face, and always be polite, and respectful to the park’s visitors.

A writer for another coaster site, had a rather disgusting incident with a Six Flags employee. When it comes to bad employees, his experience says it all.

Another thing, that is really the pet peeve side of this, is specifically bad ride ops. On any star attraction like Leviathan, Tatsu, or i305, having good ride ops can make the line move really quickly. But, having bad ride ops in the station could be catastrophic on a busy day. Having good train dispatch times can make a line move MUCH faster.

  • Un needed O.T.S restraints

Okay, maybe this is more of a manufacturer pet peeve, but there are loads of rides out there that have obtrusive over the shoulder restraints, where they really aren’t nessecary. Some of the latest examples are on i305 and Cheetah Hunt. Now, I’m sure these rides have OTS for a reason, (not just liability,) but come on, if Anton Schwarzkopf could do it decades ago, Intamin can do it now!

  • Tablets @ Theme Parks

When smartphones first got cameras, they all had low resolution, and were overall just bad. But, times have changed, and it is now easy to find a smartphone with a good camera, and I’m seeing people whip out their phones more and more at parks when it comes to snapping up a quick photo. But, since the
recent introduction of tablets, (built standard with cameras,) some people have started to bring them to parks as well. Now, I can see how people think this is a good idea. You can play games in line, plan your day, but in the end it comes back to the camera. I’m fine with someone holding up a 4 inch smartphone to shoot video of a fireworks show, but holding up a 10 inch tablet, just ruins the view for people behind it. For a show that takes place in the dark, having a large, illuminated screen being held up in the crowd just detracts from the overall experience. I’m sorry if anyone reading this likes to bring tablets to theme parks, and I hope you’re not offended, but this post is about MY theme park pet peeves.


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