Repetitive Coasters

After doing a little research, I’ve come to the realization that there are a few coasters that have extremely repetitive layouts, and I don’t mean coasters like Behemoth and Nitro where it’s basically out and back airtime. I mean that you do a series of manoeuvres, say a vertical loop a zero-g roll and a dive loop, then those exact elements are repeated in similar fashion, resulting in a layout that is loop roll dive, loop roll dive. See what I mean? Lets take a look at some repetitive coasters;

The first coaster I’m going to feature here is Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. When it was built, it was meant to be a bigger, better Sheikra. Many could argue the result doesn’t quite live up to those intentions. Additionally, keen riders will notice it’s repetitive layout. In short, the layout consists of you going through a vertical drop, an immelmen, and then to the midcourse brakerun. Here’s where things get repetitive. The next section of the layout consists of, wait for it, a vertical drop, followed by, guess what, another immelmen! Did B&M not see this when designing it? I would much prefer a coaster with a more varied layout, over something that just does the same thing twice.

Another coaster that I have noticied is repetivie in it’s layout is, (surprisingly,) Leviathan. B&M’s first ever giga coaster has a good layout, don’t get me wrong, but after riding it a few times I’ve noticed it’s layout is somewhat repetitive. After taking the plunge on the gargantuan 306ft drop, you go into an over banked turn/barrel roll, followed by a low high speed curve, then a large camelback hill, but then they do similar elements on the return run starting with a hammerhead turn, ( which face it is a glorified over naked turn,) then a high speed curve, and then a camelback! Sound familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, these coaster’s are still fun to ride. But I find it kind of odd how their layouts are repetitive. Know a repetitive coaster? E-mail me at , or comment it!


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