Perilous Plunge to Close for Future Attraction @ Knotts

I’ll keep this one short, Knotts Berry Farm’s Perilous Plunge will take it’s last plunge on September 3rd.

Now, this ride is relatively new, as it opened in 2000, and even though the ride has had a few problems in the past, the Intamin shoot-the-chutes ride has been running fine lately. Why the removal, duh, big new attraction.

The key word being BIG, as they have to remove Perilous Plunge to free up a sizeable parcel of land. (As pictured below) So just what will end up occupying this area in the future? Maybe a counter to the rumoured Full Throttle at SFMM? Or maybe the reasoning has to do with the mega investments at Universal and Disney, that are now drawing all of the crowds?

Sadly, this is another example of water rides being demolished in favour of new coasters. Read more about this topic here. But, until Knoots officially announces Perilous Plunge’s replacement, we’ll just have to assume that the trade off will be worth it.


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