Cedar Point’s 2013 Coaster; Gatekeeper

Cedar Point’s 2013 coaster, a topic we’ve posted about quite a bit here. In fact, we started speculating that we’d see a new coaster this year, way back in March! (WhenWillCedarPointBuildANewCoaster) Next, the anticipation started to build when a memo by Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet was leaked revealing a plan to demolish Disaster Transport and Space Spiral, to make space for a new wing coaster.  (WhatIsCedarPoinUpToFor2013) Then, Cedar Point started to tease everyone in the coaster community with images of a blue wing/fan held behind bars, and phrases relating to past, a present coasters at the park. (CedarPoint2013Teaser) Finally, all has been revealed on Cedar Point’s fantastic new coaster.

This time next year, a mess of sky blue B&M track will stretch over the area from the previous Disaster Transport, all the way to the redone entrance plaza. It’s name? Gatekeeper. Now, originally I was sceptical about this name, quite disappointed actually. But, since the logo and trains have been released, I think that the park really made it work, especially with the logo. Many were expecting something to do with maybe a lock, a key, or maybe even an actual gate. But the eagle/gargoyle theme works with this ride. 

The trains are B&M’s new wing coaster trains, of course with the
obligatory themed add-on to the trains. Of course Wild Eagle have eagle trains, and X-Flight has flight jet style trains, but personally, I think that Gatekeeper’s trains are a sort of cross between the two, sort of like a golden gargoyle. The overall layout is sort of like a new twist on the classic B&M looping layout, as it starts with the new wing coaster element, the dive drop. But, something that makes this coaster very unique, is the fact that after dropping, you go right into an immelman, and together, they sort of resemble a Norwegian loop.

Plus, in similar fashion to Leviathan, Gatekeeper will stick to it’s name and impact the front gate greatly. You’ve seen keyhole elements on X-Flight right, how about 2 back-to-back, combined with a zero-g roll, over the park’s entrance! Check out all there is about Gatekeeper at the ride’s official page at http://www.cedarpoint.com/gatekeeper/the-ride


2 thoughts on “Cedar Point’s 2013 Coaster; Gatekeeper

  1. I’m very exited about Gatekeeper. I, like everyone else, was wondering how long it would take for Cedar Point to build another coaster. It took awhile but I think it will be worth the wait!

  2. I have to admit, the GateKeeper is better off in that spot than the disaster transport. Not only does it look better but it also will be the better ride and keep Cedar Point up to date on b&m’s achievements, let alone the fact that it kicks Mantis’ ass.

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