Outlaw Run @ Silver Dollar City

It’s official folks, Silver Dollar City just made the proper announcement for their 2013 project very daring wooden coaster, by RMC.

It’s been a known fact this ride was coming, we’ve even posted about it here a few times, but the official announcement of this ride, has made me more excited for it than ever before. Notably, the 81 degree drop, the steepest drop EVER on a wooden coaster, and the one thing that has everyone’s attention; the inversions.


One of Outlaw Run’s key features the re-introduction of inversions on a wooden, (ok hybrid,) coaster. In construction photos, we learned that this ride would feature a zero-g roll like inversion, (now being called an “outside banked turn,”) but this layout reveals 2 more inversions, in the form a double barrel roll at the end of the layout. Let’s hope these inversions last, unlike the loop on the previous Son of Beast wooden coaster, (now slated for removal.)

One big question that most enthusiasts were asking, is whether this coaster’s trains will use lap bar or OTS restraints? The renderings we’ve seen show the ride running trains with lap bar restraints, (possibly the new trains RMC has been working on.

More on the topic as it’s released.


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