Best 2012 B&M Wing Coaster CoasterPoll

In 2011, Bolliger and Mabillard unveiled their wing coaster design with the prototype Raptor at Gardaland. Obviously it did well, because this season, 3 more wing coasters by B&M were opened to the world.

The Swarm at Thorpe park was one of the first to open in March, and it features post-apocalyptic theming. If this was a CoasterPoll for the best themed wing coaster, this would win hands down. The station building is themed to a destroyed church, and there’s a mock 747 crash, plus it features a Manta-like splash effect.

Six Flags Great America also opened a wing coaster this year, instead opting for a more , going for the name X-Flight. Despite the lack of intense theming, it is definetly on a higher scale than other “iron rides” at the park, with keyhole openings. Plus, both X-Flight and the Swarm have “dive drops” which is where at the top of the lift, you do half a heartline roll, then drop though a sort of half loop.

The third wing coaster to open is the awesome Wild Eagle at Dollywood. It’s layout is a classic B&M inversion layout with back-to-back inversions throughout the layout. Additionally, I like how the trains are themed to eagles, and even though the theming isn’t as intricate as it is with the other wing coasters, I think that’s appropriate in the park’s setting.

Now that we’ve reviewed them, which of these cool wing coasters is your favourite?

First Photo Credit RCDB

Second Photo Credit SFGAMWorld

Third Photo Credit CoasterImage


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