Dollywood, Recent Past and the Near Future

Dollywood is a very unique theme park, located in the Smoky Mountains, with classic theming and a very family-like approach to the business, you get a very different experience to what you may find at a Six Flags or Cedar Fair chain park. But, over the past few years, Dollywood has stepped up their game, and based on the looks of things, they will continue to plus their ride line-up, over the coming years.

Since 1999, when the park opened their first major roller coaster Tennesse Tornado, they’ve added monumental coasters like the classic Thunderhead, and the themed Mystery Mine. But their latest coaster weapon trumps them all.

Two years ago, Dollywood announced the fantastic Wild Eagle B&M wing coaster, the park’s biggest investment ever! Perched high on the mountain, Wild Eagle is a sight to behold. The layout of the coaster involves 4 back-to-back classic inversions, a vertical loop, zero-g roll, dive loop, and a corkscrew. Additionally, Dollywood did an excellent job in creating a grand entrance for the ride. With a wilderness themed station/queue building, and a massive metal sculpture. Even the trains have eagle theming!

Ultimately, Wild Eagle is a huge success, and Dollywood has already decided on what to do for next year.

For 2013, Dollywood has announced that they will be making an addition to their waterpark Dollywood’s Splash Country. Next year, they will be opening RiverRush, a ProSlide water coaster.

Marketed as “Tennesse’s First and Only Water Coaster” RiverRush features a length of over 1000ft, and four LIM propelled “launches.” The layout is similar to it’s water coaster cousins Wildebeest and Mammoth at Holiday World, and it is presumably using the same rafts as the Wildebeest.

Check out all that is RiverRush at the attractions official page:

As simple as it is, I really like the names individual parks come up with, names like Stormrunner, The Voyage, and RiverRush are nicer names compared to “in-your-face” names like Goliath and Leviathan. I think that Dollywood is being really smart in their new attractions, and hopefully we will continue to see the park blossom for years to come.


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