B&M 1999 CoasterPoll

Now, 1998 may have seen the release of B&M Dive Machines, but 1999 was when two new coaster classes emerged from B&M. It was in 1999 that they unveiled their very first hyper coasters and floorless coasters to the world. Personally, these two classes of B&M coasters, are real winners in my book, but what about in yours?

B&M hyper coasters……

……. or B&M floorless coasters?

B&M released two new concepts in one year, which is better?


3 thoughts on “B&M 1999 CoasterPoll

    • Personally, I’m a sucker for a B&M Hyper. I know there are a bunch of enthusiasts that say they’re forceless, but to me they’re some of the best coasters ever made!

      • Yea, I just rode on Nitro, that thing pulled intense forces on the Helix, one person I rode with even said she blacked out for a bit!

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