Theme Park Pet Peeves

Now, if you’re reading this post, you’re probably a really big fan of theme parks and roller coasters. But, nothing is perfect, and even theme/thrill parks have imperfections. In no particular order, lets take a look at my personal top park pet peeves;

  • Station waits
When you look at a ride’s queue, see that it’s empty, you enter. Then you climb the stairs to the station, and then you stop, because all of the row queues are backed up. I can’t just help feel annoyed when a park deceives you like that. Additionally, when you go to the big ticket theme parks like Disney and Universal, you get those awesome wait time estimates at the entrance! But, when you pay less for your entry ticket like at Six Flags and Cedar Fair, I guess that’s what you get!
  • When it’s really busy at the park, and a roller coaster is only running one train.
You’re at Six Flags Magic Mountain on a Saturday during March Break, you’re waiting in the ridiculously long line for X2. You enter the second queue area and you realize that the park’s star attraction has one of it’s trains on the storage track! Then, after your ride on X2, you go over to Tatsu, and after noting the suspiciously long 4 hour, you go up to the station and notice that Tatsu is only running one train! Does this situation sound familiar to you? An extremely busy park forceably running it’s most popular rides on decresed capacity. Now, I would rather these attractions be on lower capacity than be running unsafe trains, but would it kill a park to have rides on full capacity during peak season?
  • The General Public

Even though the general public can techincally be classified as your friends, family, or any average park-goer, doesn’t it just annoy you when you overhear theme saying, “The Top Thrill Dragster ride is like 600ft tall” and “The Viper coaster goes upside down like 15 times!” Now, I don’t mean to be insensitive, but it just makes me want to but in and say, “Actually, ………..” Plus, if it weren’t for the general public buying tickets, amusement parks in general wouldn’t exist!

Well, there are my top park pet peeves, maybe I’ll write a sequel post later, what are your biggest theme park pet peeves?


7 thoughts on “Theme Park Pet Peeves

  1. I agree with all of these especially the second one. I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain and they were only running one train on X2 (like your example)! I couldn’t believe it. Tatsu was running two trains but they only had one of the two stations running. It was in the middle of the summer and very crowded. Good post.

    • Is this a thing with Magic Mountain? Thank goodness I bought Flash Pass after riding X2 that day! Thank-you, I appreciate the compliment!

  2. I agree. went to 6 flags discovery kingdom couple weeks ago, pissed…they require you to PAY a buck for lockers for the forced choice after paying to park, then to get in, to go on a ride if they see anything that I may lose at my own risk. hat, glasses, etc. I hate that, cause some morons out there had to sue of there idiotacy to lose there belongings on a ride. another pet peeve, is like what you brushed on the big uni/disney parks. entertainment, shade, and misters in que lines should be a no-brainer to placing long que lines in the dead heat of the sun.

  3. I agree with coaster mechanic. I was forced to pay for a locker to stow a small bag for a Seaworld water ride. I didn’t care if it got wet but they made me pay $3 for a locker I used for maybe 5 minutes.

  4. My biggest pet peeve is with Six Flags. Their stated hours have opening at 9 a.m. But after you get inside you have to wait behind temporary barriers for 30 more minutes before they let you get to the rides! They don’t actually open at 9 a.m., they open at 9:30! The only thing you can get to are the restaurants and shops near the entrance. I didn’t go to SF to shop and eat, I went to ride. This has happened at multiple SF parks. So annoying.

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