Leviathan Previews

Canada’s Wonderland’s newest coaster Leviathan held its previews on Friday April 27th, and the folks from PureCoaster were there to check it out! With the addition of Leviathan, Canada’s Wonderland is now that much better of a park.

Leviathan dominates the park, especially the entrance. The hammerhead turn takes up that whole little park in front of the entrance. Plus, the lift hill is visible from anywhere, and when you’re driving to the park, it’s the first thing you’ll see on the horizon.

The trains do in fact feature those cool zero car add-ons with snake head theming like on Diamondback, and it should be noted that this coaster is using classic style four across cars instead of stadium seating like on Behemoth.

As for theming, I’m glad Wonderland continued the Medieval theming, and not only on the station, but in the former Cyber Central arcade building. It used to look really out of place with a large futuristic metal facade, but in the off season, the completely redid it, and in the photo on the right, you can see everything fits together seamlessly.

My thoughts on Leviathan:

Leviathan is an absolutely fantastic ride. You pull amazing g’s on the drop, and you maintain high speeds throughout the ride. The high speed curve is surprisingly fun, and yes you do pull a little airtime on it! Each element is executed with speed and elegance, Leviathan is a coaster that should be on an enthusiast’s bucket list! if you ever have a chance to come up to Canada’s Wonderland,  take it!

And if you’re just dying to ride this thing, but sadly you can’t make it to the park, CWMania shot a great POV of the ride on preview night!

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