Water Ride Removal Thoughts

As more and more parks become pressed for space, water rides are often the first to go. Over the years, numerous parks, more than I can name, have torn down log flumes, and shoot the chutes in favour of new coasters. Now, many could argue that it’s good for the park, as roller coasters have larger appeal to crowds, have higher capacities, and overall they’re just cooler. But, is removing a sometimes classic park attraction, such as a water ride, ever legitimized by a new coaster?

A few recent examples include

  • Wild Thornberry’s River Adventure, Closed for Intimidator (Carowinds)
  • White Water Landing, Closed for Maverick (Cedar Point)
  • Splashwater Falls, Closed for X-Flight (Six Flags Great America)
  • Log Jammer Closed for Full Throttle? (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
 Although many could argue that most of the coasters listed above are pretty darn good, I can’t help but be sad for the fact that classic attractions that ultimately complete a day at a park are continually being removed for new coasters. Don’t forget to tell the world what you think in the comments and the poll!
Photo credit to SfgamWorld for SplashWater Falls photo

2 thoughts on “Water Ride Removal Thoughts

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