Universal Rumors and Jaws Removal

It’s been quite a week regarding Universal and it’s parks. From rumored statements to the confirmed ones, a bunch has happened lately.

First of all the Wall Street Journal says that apparently next week, Universal will announce a Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed area for it’s Hollywood park. Now there are two big questions with this expected expansion; What? and Where?

What: What will exactly be in this expansion? Rumors point towards Hogsmeade,  plus a star attraction, (ala Forbidden Journey) I’m not sure the park has the room to build two new rollercoasters, but they’ll probably add a few new concepts in place.

Where: The park doesn’t have a whole lot of room to expand in either lot, fans assume it will replace the Terminator and European streets, or Waterworld and Gibson Ampitheatre. Either way, something’s got to go.

Here’s a link to the Wall Stree Journal post: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204397704577070691060558140.html

Also, more recently, Universal Orlando revealed their intentions of permanently closing the Jaws ride and Amity section of the park. Nobody knows what will replace it, but it will probably be large scale. (Remember when Universal cleared that backstage land behind Jaws?) As a classic attraction, The attraction officially closes January 2nd.


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