Canada’s Wonderland Getting Dinosaurs Alive in 2012

Dinosaurs Alive!It was announced, today that along with Leviathan, Canada’s Wonderland will be receiving the up charge walk-though attraction; Dinosaurs Alive for the 2012 season.

The attraction features numerous animatronic dinosaurs with interactive elements, sure to appeal to all. There will be five show scenes, and a massive T-Rex animatronic at the end.

The Wonderland installation will be in the back, in Planet Snoopy, at the former location of the Bedrock Theatre. I’m assuming the attraction will take place in a forest/woodsy setting, similar to the first installation.

Dinosaurs Alive Area Map

Entry to this walk-through attraction will be $5, on top of park admission.

Cedar Fair has already made one installation at King’s Island, with many more being produced for the 2012 season at Cedar Point, King’s Dominion, and Dorney Park. Presumably, more are on the way.


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